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Printer not Printing – 5 Tips to Troubleshoot Common Printer Issues

printer not printing

Have you come around an office without any paperwork?

An office without printers? Well, the answer is no. There are no paperless offices and it’s a fact of life.

The Wi-Fi or computer network in an office allows the users to take printouts from printers. This can only happen if the connection works fine as well as there is no problem in the printer.

There are steps to troubleshoot if you are facing problems like the printer is not able to connect to the network or when a printer is not printing.

If you are thinking about how to turn the printer online, then there can be an issue with the network connection.

The problem of the printer sometimes can feel like unsolved mysteries. Once you know where to look and how to narrow down the problem, then an issue can easily disappear.

There can be an error message or intermittent connectivity issue that is causing the printer to not work properly.

There are significant troubleshooting solutions that depend on the printer model.

But there are some common issues that can be solved with some minor troubleshooting steps.

The manufacturers are also offering a walk through to help you out when you are facing various issues.

Here are 5 tips for troubleshooting common printer issues when your printer not printing

Update or Install printer drivers

If the printer is not able to print after you have tried everything, then you may need to upgrade or install the printer drivers.

If you do not have the required drivers, then visit the manufacturer’s website and download the driver package. Once downloaded, run the driver installer.

The process of Installing is a bit technical as it can help you detect your printer and gets you on with your work.

Ghost Jams

Sometimes, the printer is going to give you an error of paper jam when there is not. The main cause of this problem is a technical issue that cannot be predicted otherwise. Well, you do not open and try to fix it manually unless you are sure of the steps being followed.

While searching for problems like these, it has been discovered that real paper jams can leave a trace behind that interferes with the working of a printer long after the jamming problem is solved.

Even a small amount of paper shredded that is stuck between gears that move the rear duplexer can leave the printer to think there is something inside like paper. You need to carefully examine the mechanical parts surrounding the ghosts jam. Make sure that they are operating cleanly.

Loaded Queues

When a job is finished by a printer, the queue is supposed to clear itself immediately after. Well, that is not the case always as sometimes printers are put on hold, postponed or are stopped when there is a data connection issue.

If the queue is full and it gets blocked up, then it can cause the drivers of work irregularly. When you are facing this issue and are trying to print something, it can cause further lineup overloading the queue.

There can be a jam in the printer due to which the printer is not printing further resulting in developing a much queue. You need to clear your queue carefully so that you can start printing again.

There is software that can also help troubleshoot common issues. Updating or reinstalling the driver can also help sometimes if you are facing jamming or loaded queue issues. Installing a new driver instead of an old or corrupt one can solve this issue.

Wi-Fi connection

Wireless connectivity is a double-edged issue as on the one hand, you can connect your printer to devices anywhere in your home and on the other, your connection is some that you cannot see.

If your printer has dropped the Wi-Fi Signal, you won’t be able to tell unless you have troubleshot the connectivity issue. If the Wi-Fi is down, you need to unplug it and reconnect it to your modem.

A weak connection between your computer and your printer is going to prevent you from the documents you need. Although the issue can be between any of the two devices, it can often be tough to diagnose.

If your printer was perfectly connected to the Wi-Fi and then instantly stopped, then try restarting your Wi-Fi and printer and see if they reconnect or not.

Printing from a Mobile device

Technology is convenient and it offers the options to directly print from the iPhone, Your Android smartphone and the iPads.

Although, the process of connecting the printer and the mobile wirelessly can be a little complicated. The process varies from brand to brand. In the present era, there are different apps for different printer brands.

This might cause an issue while connecting as a different software can prevent you from connecting directly.

You need to make sure that your Wi-Fi is working properly if there is any difficulty connecting. Delete all the existing apps and download new apps under experts guidance, if the wireless printer is not functioning smoothly.


If you are not able to figure out whether what is the issue underneath and your printer is not printing, make sure that you get in touch with the technical expert. Printer problems can arise at any minute but with the right expertise, you can easily resolve them and complete your work smoothly.

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