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What are Brother Color Laser Printers? Their Perks Types and Usages

Brother Color Laser Printers

Printers are necessary not only in the workplace, however also at home. From the dot matrix models of computers, to the ever-trusted color laser printers that many persons own, the need to print one document after another is consistently there, doesn’t matter if its’ for a school, work or even basic home needs.

The classic Kyocera colour laser printer, to give an example, is capable of printing on innumerable types of paper, be it on bond paper, cardboard, acetate, and even photo paper, making it the most avant-garde printer out there on the market.

A laser printer does all of these and that is not the limit to its capabilities, so making it a necessity for both your business and your home. The write-up provides some comprehensive, useful details on the brother laser printers, their types, benefits and uses. Read on to know more about these handy and beautiful machines, that have the capacity to simplify your Printing tasks.

Types of Brother Color Laser Printers Uses and Perks

HL-3040CN model

The Colour Brother Printers HL-3040CN model, has the ability of printing up to seventeen pages per minute, on both color as well as black and white printing, with a 600 by 2400 dpi resolution. It has a compact design, so saving your precious workspace, even with the 250-sheet capacity paper tray planted under the printer mechanism.

But also, the manual feed tray accessible, in case you need to print on other types of paper, for example, envelopes and acetates. Another beneficial thing about this printer model is the fully integrated Ethernet network interface it features, in which you are able to connect it to a LAN network. Where you are able to share the printer with multiple users within the network.

HL-3070CW model

The HL-3070CW model is one of the special models offered in Brother colour laser printers, that comes with all the attributes of the HL-3040CN, but with an addition that this model has the design, created for wireless connectivity.

The printer machine features wireless 802.11b/g network connectivity, enabling it for wireless printer sharing within common users of the home or the workplace. Besides its wireless abilities, it additionally carries a USB Direct Interface to let you print directly from your USB Flash memory drive.

Or any PictBridge enabled camera; so providing an easy to print solution without needing to turn the computer on.

HL-4040CDN model

The HL-4040CDN model, then again, is able to print an astounding twenty one pages per minute, even with its Duplex capacity, that lets you print on the two sides of the paper, without needing to turn the paper and re-feed it manually.

It has the ability to generate image and documents with a 2400 by 600 dpi resolution, in addition to its 300-sheet paper capacity enabling nonstop printing all the time. Moreover, with the high capacity replacement toner cartridges which may be utilized, as replacement toner cartridges, this model of Brother printers, enables heavy-duty printing to be carried out with a simple touch of a button.

HL-4070CDW Model

Another one, in the line of Brother color laser printers on the market is the HL-4070CDW, which is typically the HL-4040CDN coming with its Duplex capacity printing, its ultra-rapid twenty-one pages, per minute printing capacity, and 2400 by 600 dpi resolution. However, with 802.11b/g wireless capacities.

It additionally, features the 300-sheet paper capacity nevertheless this color printer comes with an expandable tray of up to 800 sheets. Moreover, with this printer, you are able to print directly from your USB Flash memory drive with its USB Direct Interface.

The printer is designed for the individuals who look to taking their printing to the next level.

Considerations When Buying Colour Laser Printer

A critical consideration when it comes to buying a printer whether Kyocera laser printer or a model of Brother colour laser printer, should be the retailer you will choose to purchase from.

Officeworks, Costco, The Good Guys, and some more office supply retailers that sell laser printers are some options to check. Secondly, you should do a comparison of colour laser printer regarding the best brands available, based on price, as well as servicing.

The moment a printer breaks down, specifically one which is multifunction, it results in production coming to a standstill. Stopping of production, can be expensive. Reading reviews, articles on CNET and Consumer Reports related to colour laser printer comparison is another useful idea.


In case you are on a market search for a top-of-the-line and economical way to bring color in your life, Brother colour laser printer is the one which can meet your objective.

Simply do an analysis of the model that will match with your requirements, as any model that you may choose, you’ll be making a right decision by opting for a Brother laser printer. Overall, Brother color printers offer value for money.

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