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How to Ward Off Epson Printer Driver Problem?

Epson Printer Driver Problems

Making use of printer has become an important part for many individuals to meet their printing objectives whether they are related to professional or personal tasks. Imagining a situation where you started your Epson printer for printing a document and all of a sudden you get the message which says Epson printer not printing.

When such message gets display it turns out to be a complicated circumstance. Well there is nothing to be worried about as in this blog post you will get to know the authentic solutions for removing such errors.

Many people experiences various type of issues with their printer devices or connected gadgets during completing printing tasks. In different situations, Epson printer will not communicate with print jobs which can lead to further issues such as Epson printer driver errors or non-completion of Epson printer installation issue.

The error Printer Driver is not available demonstrates that installed driver with printer is not accurate or outdated. This occur due to presence of obsolete drivers installed on system which makes PC forgot the drivers.

If system recognizes outdated printer drivers then there will be no option for fixing printer errors and completing printing tasks.

Why Epson Printer is not Printing?

The error Epson printer is not printing takes place due to different reasons which delay the print jobs. You have to check printer parts such as confirming there is right amount of paper loaded in paper plate, printer is connected with Wi-Fi and ink cartridges are not consumed completely.

A damaged printer driver is the sign hidden behind Epson driver is not available issue. You have to search for windows updates and install the latest version of printer drivers for specific Epson printer.

What are the Reasons behind Epson Printer Driver is not available?

There are few reasons mentioned below which clarifies the issue of Epson printer driver is not available.

  1. Outdated Windows OS
  2. Damaged Printer
  3. Poor Connection Links
  4. Outdated Printer Drivers

How can I fix Epson Printer Driver issues?

You can easily fix Epson printer driver issues by following some methods mentioned below and can begin using your Epson printer without facing any rigid error.

1. Try to Uninstall and Reinstall Printer Drivers:

  • Go to Start Menu
  • Click Control Panel
  • Select Devices & Printer from Control Panel
  • Search for Epson Printer
  • Right click on Epson printer tab
  • Choose Uninstall to remove old drivers
  • Visit Epson Website, find printer drivers located under download zone
  • Download the drivers
  • Click on driver downloadable package and install printer drivers
  • Follow the installation steps and once process is complete, restart the printer

2. Check Cable Connections

  • End Printer Tasks and PC.
  • Verify if connection of Epson Printer is properly connected with right power supplier.
  • Turn on the Devices.

3. Start Printer Trouble-Shooter

  • Click on Start menu.
  • Choose Control Panel.
  • Find PC Repair or Troubleshooter in search bar.
  • Open troubleshooter, visit device and sound, choose printer and click on it.
  • If everything followed in right manner, follow the steps displayed on screen.

4. Reset Printer

If the above techniques have not worked out then try to reset printer by clicking Re-setter button.

  • Click on Reset Button.
  • Wait for Few minutes.
  • Once the reset process is complete, the device will restart and you will find every error has got fix.

5. Setting as Default Printer

The Epson printer communication issue occur due to wrong printer communication and you need to assure that the printer is set to default.

  • Click Windows and R key together
  • Type Control Printer in the search bar.
  • Click Ok.
  • Choose Examine Printer.
  • Right Click on Epson Printer and choose to set as default.

6. Updating Epson Printer Drivers

If latest Epson printer driver are not downloaded and installed then different errors can take place for completing printing tasks. After installing latest drivers you will get smooth printing experience.

  • Download Epson Printer Updating Device from
  • Choose Particular Model.
  • Select Latest Updates and Choose All.
  • Tap Install Button
  • Next, Wait for application to create new changes in PC.
  • Click Connect and then choose OK button.

How to Install Epson Printer Driver on Mac?

There is nothing to get worried about for installing Epson printer drivers on Mac as you need to follow some easy steps to complete Epson printer installation.

  • Choose system preferences from Apple Menu.
  • Select Print and Fax.
  • Open Hard Drive.
  • Pick library > printers.
  • Select Epson and move it to downwards.
  • Restart PC.
  • Click quit when done.
  • Choose System preferences and then click Print and Fax.
  • Select More Printers and choose Epson TCP/IP by choosing your Printer.

How can I complete Epson Printer Installation on Mac?

The process for completing Epson printer installation on Mac is very simple as you need to follow few steps mentioned below:

  • Turn on the printer.
  • Visit Epson official webpage, and choose to download and install the Mac change of Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility.
  • Select Continue.
  • Tap Continue > Agree.
  • Pick Install > Close.
  • Click printer and choose Next.

If the situation occur where no windows is getting showcased then you can start Epson printer installation by opening search box located at application panel for viewing Epson software to complete Epson printer installing process.

  • Select printer registration and then click Next > Ok
  • Create new account to Sign up or make use of the current one for completing the procedure.
  • Click Close.

These were the authentic methods that will help you in removing Epson printer driver issues. The above procedure will also teach you how to accomplish Epson printer installation in right manner.

In case you require expert help to fix Epson printer driver problem then you can communicate with our professionals via live chat sessions and get your issues settled or you can visit our website to know more.

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