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How To Setup Hp Wireless Printer On Mac

SetUp Hp Wireless Printer On Mac

As we all know, the Hp wireless printer is an astonishing device; it provides us a very manifest, real to visual and quite HD and impressive quality prints.

It’s really an awesome and trust-able printer. Do you also have Hp wireless printer at your home? That’s cool.

Generally, we can setup hp wireless printer on Mac, iPad, iPhone, windows, or so on. But do you know it also setup in mac, yes on Mac? So, do you want to know how to setup hp wireless printer on mac?

Don’t worry, just stay calm we will tell you how to setup HP wireless printer on Mac in a very simple and easy way.

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To setup Hp wireless printer on Mac is not a very hard task to do, it is very simple and easy. Luckily without being a techie, you can solve this issue on your own.

So, if you decided to solve this issue on your own then let us tell you that this article would be going to be very helpful to you.

But for that you have to properly follow the steps which were written as below, otherwise, you will fail in setting up your wireless printer to mac. Now, just have a look below!

Quick Review Of Hp Wireless Printer

Hp wireless printer is liked by most of the people in the world, as it deserves too. Hp wireless printer allows us to connect our printer automatically without any need of cable wires it connects even wirelessly which is an appreciating invention.

It makes our work easier as with the wire printer system. Also, it saves our time to and it is the next step to technology.

Setup Hp Wireless Printer On Mac- 100% Effective

To setup your Hp printer in your wireless network, you need a configuration page, from the printer.

So, now we will tell you what you need to setup Hp wireless printer with a Mac, have a look below!

What All You Need!

  • Configuration page from the wireless printer.
  • The name of the Wireless network {SSID}.
  • Wireless password and security.
  • Printer power up and running including radio.
  • Latest Hp software for the printer.

Let’s begin the process..

    1. Setting up a wireless printer in infrastructure mode to establish communication between the printer and your computer.
    2. Move the Hp printer to the access point for communication with your wireless router.
    3. Now, move mac to the access point.
    4. After on the radio in the Hp printer, we will go to the mac and tap to the airport bar and then click the right button and you will see “Hp setup” there.
    5. Go ahead and click on the “Hp setup” option.
    6. Now, go to the default setting in your Hp printer. You will see a button in which the setting tool will be made. Click that button.
    7. Now, select Network configuration on your Hp printer and print it out. You will see Hp setup on that page.
    8. You will see the IP address there, which is very important for this process. Now, on mac, you have to type the URL or IP address, after that hit enter.
    9. It will start loading, after loading completed click on the networking tab, and then we will go to the wireless. You have a choice there you can choose wire or even wireless network.
    10. Now, You have to choose a wireless system.
    11. Click on the advanced tab and then from there you have to enter the SSID of the network. It must be exactly the same.
    12. Now, we will put it in infrastructure mode, and there you have to enter in encryption.
    13. Select web encryption then fill your authentication. After filling confirm it and then apply.
    14. Now, again print the configuration page, this page will be different from the first one. It should be different. Now, you will see it is connected to the infrastructure mode.
    15. Now, all we need to do is to install the software. We go to the device manager then to information and settings. Tap continue. Just follow through with it.
    16. Now, you have to enter the name and the voice phone number, select yes and then tap to continue.

And there you go now your Hp printer is setup to the mac. Do you succeed in it? That’s great, this exactly what we want. Now, you can enjoy it.

At the End

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